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Mur&Partners: Experts in Headhunting and HR Consulting

We offer solutions in the selection of qualified and managerial personnel, the evaluation and development of the talent of your organization and the human support to face situations of organizational change or professional transition.

We discover

Experts in the executive search of professionals related to engineering, technology, digital and business areas. 

We empower

We facilitate decision-making in internal processes for promotion, succession, reorganization, or functional mobility. 

We accompany

We guide professionals through the process of disengagement and redefinition of professional goals. 

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Our aim is to make it easier for companies to see that their workers have an optimal experience of adaptation to change.

We offer personalized training programs focusing on Communication, Emotional Management and Leadership with the aim of facilitating workers’ optimal experience of adaptation to change as well as enhancing performance and quality-of-life in your company.

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We adapt to the needs of each client, to their culture and the values that characterize them. We help them achieve the objectives set by the company in relation to the personal and professional development of its employees.


We offer support based on the professionalism and training of our team. We provide people with practical Organizational Psychology validated resources that are clearly useful for personal and professional development.

We advise people or teams that are undergoing a process of change.

Thanks to the practice of active listening and assertive communication, we closely accompany people or teams that are undergoing organizational change or professional transition with a knowledge-based approach.

We guide people with professional coherence by offering quality, dedication, precision, and solvency in our services. It is what allows us to achieve the desired objectives.

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Our personalized outplacement program is designed to accompany people in the period of disengagement and redefinition of professional goals. Its purpose is to maximize the chances of candidate reintegration in the labor market through comprehensive support. We analyze, in an individualized manner, the necessary resources so that each professional is ready when rejoining the labor market. Moreover, we make sure that they acquire those resources to undertake new professional experiences.


We offer personalized coaching programs aimed at leaders and teams that must deal with change management in their organization. We achieve optimal adaptation thanks to the integration of new knowledge and practical tools, always working at the cognitive and emotional level.

We establish relationships of trust that allow us to achieve the perfect fit between the needs of our clients and our candidates.

Anna Pérez Bassons - General Manager[email protected] / 686 15 92 64

You Can Make A Difference 

You Can Make A Difference 

You Can Make A Difference 

You Can Make A Difference 

You Can Make A Difference 

You Can Make A Difference