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Your partner in HR Consultancy and Headhunting

We offer solutions in the selection of qualified and managerial personnel, the evaluation and development of the talent of your organization and the human support to face situations of organizational change or professional transition.

Our culture

Mur&Partners is a company with a human, innovative and creative business culture that is aware of the constant change going on around us. We are focused on the development of people as the main axis of all our actions and oriented to the future of the professional field.

Why we do it

Our mission is to achieve the union between the requirements of our clients and the professional projects of our candidates, through a work process where personalized attention prevails. 

How we do it

Our vision is to make it possible for the needs of the best companies to converge with the aspirations of the best people through a resolute and precise process. 

Our essence

We establish relationships based on our values, trust, and loyalty to guarantee the success of our clients, candidates, suppliers, and collaborators.

Our commitment is to find the best candidates for our clients and the best projects for our candidates. We do everything within a traceable, transparent, and human process that ensures solid and respectful relationships.

Our team is comprised of highly qualified professionals.

general manager rrhh
General Manager

Anna Pérez Bassons

I enjoy new challenges, motivating teams and getting the best out of them. I can work in changing environments, with an active and results-oriented work attitude. During my free time I love cycling and being surrounded by my friends and family.

Marketing and Communication

Josselin Moreno

It fascinates me to be able to use creativity to my day-to-day life, to be inspired by new ideas and to carry out enriching projects so that I can constantly improve at work. For me it is essential to be surrounded by a team that I can always count on and feel at ease. Personally, I love hiking and enjoying sunsets in good company.

HR Consultant

María Lozano

Working with people motivates me enormously because it is a challenge and continuous learning. I value a job well done, commitment and honesty. I am passionate about landscaping, architecture and literature from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. In my free time I like to spend time with family and friends, travel, play sports and make plans outdoors.

executive assistant
Executive Assistant

Clara Carcelero

I am a person loyal to my values and principles, such as honesty and loyalty. I enjoy working in a good work environment and developing as a professional. I have a drive for self-improvement and learn from every process. In my leisure time, I spend it with my loved ones, disconnecting in Costa Brava, and practicing Pilates.


Carmen Mur

I am passionate about contemporary and deco art. I love getting lost in vintage fairs from the 30s and 40s. L'Empordà is my haven of peace and my kitten, a great treasure.

HR Consultant

Vanessa Domingo

I enjoy discovering people's talents and accompanying them during their professional and personal development. I dedicate my free time to photography, taking care of my plants and getting lost in a town or city in good company.

consultora de recursos humanos
HR Consultant

Desirée Ramírez

In my day to day, I am an organized, decisive and empathetic person with the people around me. I adapt very well to changes because I like new challenges. For me it is very important at work to assume new goals to be able to continue learning daily. In my free time I love to travel and disconnect from the routine doing yoga.


Juani Mula

I’m a person who values a job well done and with good results, oriented towards an accounting and financial profile. I like to work up to date and not leave matters behind. I am dynamic and constant in the day to day with the desire to learn and continue advancing. Outside the work environment I like to surround myself with my family and friends and above all plan outdoor excursions.

consultora de recursos humanos
HR Consultant

Cristina Freire

I like to learn new things and I enjoy working in dynamic and energetic environments. For me it is very important to create a good atmosphere at work and to have an active and open attitude. During my free time I enjoy sports, dancing, and plans with friends and family.

consultora recursos humanos
HR Consultant

Beatriz Llaca

I consider myself a close, respectful and empathetic person. I enjoy accompanying people on their path to achieving their best version, adapting to the needs and rhythms of each one. One of my daily goals is to accomplish tasks effectively, in an environment of fluid and assertive communication.
In my free time I am passionate about music, playing the guitar and singing, cooking, creating new recipes to share with my loved ones, and spending quality time with family, my friends and my dog.

About us

A multidisciplinary team

At Mur&Partners, we are a multidisciplinary, diverse, innovative, and expert team in the selection of professionals related to engineering, technology, digital and business profiles.

Consultancy founded in 2016 by Carmen Mur, a groundbreaker in the human resources sector. Mur&Partners is specialized in the search, training and support of both technical profiles and executive and senior management positions.

Thanks to individualized treatment, a great capacity for adaptation and a high sense of responsibility, we establish relationships of trust that allow us to achieve the perfect fit between the needs of our clients and our candidates.

Helping our clients find and train the best technological talent for their organizations makes us co-creators of the changing reality of our society and allows us to contribute to the generation of quality employment and improve the productivity of our industry.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Being socially responsible is responding, participating, and collaborating actively and consciously in the harmonious functioning of the world in which we live.

Therefore, we at Mur&Partners support initiatives whose mission is talent development and the training of STEM professionals, as well as projects that share our ambition to achieve a world that is more competent and equitable with equal opportunities.

We are proud to collaborate on a voluntary basis with non-profit entities like the Fundació Best, among others, to promote the training and search for professionals.