Our Value Proposition

Seeking a professional?


As we are specialists in the fields of engineering, technology, digital & e-commerce and biotech, we have evolved a comprehensive insight into those increasingly valued but ever more demanding and selective groups.


We are characterized by our close interaction with the client. We work alongside them to learn the fundamentals of their business culture. We align ourselves with the objectives and aspirations of the companies and people involved in each project.


In a world that works in a network, we work day-by-day to expand our value chain. We collaborate with the main dynamizing agents of our ecosystem.

Solutions / Detection

As Human Resources professionals with a deep background in the fields of engineering, technology, digital & e-commerce and biotech, we have developed specific solutions to give the appropriate response to each need of your company.


Our specialty is discovering which professionals are best suited to organizations and their specific needs. We are able to perfectly match the interests and expectations of both parties.

In Mur&Partners, experience has shown us that each position requires a specific profile, appropriate to the company’s circumstances and targets. Not all professionals with the required training are suitable for all positions.

In Mur&Partners, we also focus on attitude, which has become an indispensable ingredient in bringing together not only the technical and functional but also the cultural and aspirational.

Executive Search

We find the ideal professional profiles for middle management and top management, always evaluating their fit in the organization to contribute to improving the competitiveness of our clients. Again, aptitude plus attitude to achieve the goal.


We apply our expertise and our very own differential methodology to support our clients in the evaluation of their professionals, either individually or in groups. We facilitate decision-making in functional mobility, promotion, succession or reorganization processes.


As Human Resources professionals with a deep background in the fields of engineering, technology, digital & e-commerce and biotech, our scope covers specialization in four core areas: engineering, digital & e-commerce, IT and biotech.

Detalle de las manos de una ingeniera mientras diseña un plano.


As specialists in the field of Engineering, we find engineers of all specialties for all business sectors and functional areas. We select the best 4.0 engineers to promote the implementation of industrial communications, operational intelligence and/or IoT in the productive activity of companies.

Detalle de las manos de una profesional del marketing digital que escribe en un ordenador portátil con una taza a su lado.

Digital & E-commerce

Due to our deep knowledge of the ecosystem, we get involved in the digital transformation processes of our clients. We detect the best professionals in the market, evaluate their skills and competencies and ensure the optimal fit for digital marketing and E-commerce positions at all levels.

Una profesional de las tecnologías de la información deslizando su dedo por la pantalla de una tablet que muestra gráficos y estadísticas.


As experts in the technological field, we identify the best candidates in Information Technology both technically and in terms of competency. We address all functional areas like ICT Project Management, Infrastructure, Big Data, Business Intelligence or Cybersecurity.

Detalle de las manos con guantes de una profesional de laboratorio vertiendo una sustancia con un cuentagotas sobre una placa de Petri.


Thanks to our know-how in the field of attracting scientific, technical and technological talent, we partner with our clients from the world of bioengineering and the pharmaceutical industry to contribute the best professionals in the sectors to departments such as R&D&I, Regulatory or Quality Assurance.