Cristina Díaz, consultora de recursos humanos de Mur&Partners, hablando por teléfono móvil en la oficina.

Our culture

Mur&Partners is a company that is well aware of the on-going change in our environment. It has a personable, innovative and creative business culture focused on the development of people as the main axis of all its actions and is oriented to the future in the professional field.

Why We Do It

Our mission is to find that perfect match between the needs of our clients and the aspirations of our candidates. At the same time, we add real value to every project we carry out and to each person with whom we collaborate.

How We Do It

Our vision is to make it possible for the needs of the best companies to converge with the aspirations of the best people through a dedicated and accurate process of talent detection, development and support.

Our Essence

We establish relationships based on our values, trust and loyalty, to guarantee the success of our clients, candidates, suppliers and collaborators.

We are committed to seeking out the best candidates for our clients and the best projects for our candidates. All our labor is done within a traceable, transparent and person-oriented process that ensures solid and respectful relationships.

Corporate Social Responsibility

To be socially responsible is to respond, to participate and to collaborate actively and consciously in the harmonious functioning of the world in which we live. Accordingly, we at Mur&Partners support initiatives whose mission is the development of talents and the training of STEM professionals. Moreover, we back projects that share our ambition to achieve a more competent, equitable world with equality of opportunity.

We are proud to collaborate, on our own initiative, with non-profit entities such as Fundació Best and STEM Women, among others, to promote the training and search for professionals.