About us

At Mur&Partners, we are a professional, innovative, persevering and versatile team that is led by one of the most renowned national references in the field of specialized professional and human resources recruitment and selection, Carmen Mur.

We provide our clients with a set of comprehensive services with unsurpassable personableness, responsibleness and adaptability. Those hallmarks of our service empowers us to agilely respond to the rapidly changing needs in the business and professional world.

From 2015 onwards, Mur&Partners has specialized in the detection of professional profiles of a technical character through to the executive and up to senior management that respond to the evolution of the market and business ecosystems within the Engineering, Technology, Biotechnology and Digital sectors and Ecommerce.

Carmen Mur, fundadora de Mur&Partners, en la sede de Barcelona.

Carmen Mur, founder of Mur&Partners

From the beginning, our aim has been to identify and seek out the best professional for each project and the best project for each professional. We bring together the best personal skills and attitudes for specific business needs.

Our ecosystem and internal work model permit us to combine reliability, accessibility and the flexibility of traditional consulting with the efficiency of the most innovative methodologies and tools to attract talent.

We at Mur&Partners are a Human Resources consultancy made up of a multidisciplinary team with extensive experience in the fields of Engineering, ICT, Biotech as well as the Digital field.

We believe in diversity as the key to the success of our company. It makes of us a group of people who complement each other to offer comprehensive service and management.

Personalized treatment and strict dedication to make sure that our clients receive exclusive and excellent service is in our DNA. Therefore, each of our consultants manages a limited number of projects to ensure constant readiness and communication with our clients and candidates.

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